Basic Policy Regarding Information Disclosure

To protect shareholders and investors and ensure the fairness of transactions, the IKK Group will adhere strictly to relevant laws and securities exchange requirements for timely disclosure and will disclose information on which investment decisions are based in a timely and appropriate manner.

Information Disclosure Standards

We consistently disclose information in accordance with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws, as well as rules on the timely disclosure of company information stipulated in the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Securities Listing Regulations (hereafter, "Timely Disclosure Rules").
When information arises related to determined facts, occurring facts and account settlement-related matters that affect significant impact on investment decisions, such information will be promptly disclosed following the standards outlined in the Timely Disclosure Rules. At the same time, we will actively disclose information that is deemed to be important or beneficial in order for investors to understand the Company, even when it is not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules. By doing so, we will improve information accessibility for our investors.

Methods of Information Disclosure

TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) is used to publish the disclosure of information that is subject to timely disclosure under timely disclosure requirements. IKK Group regards its IR website as an important source of information sharing with shareholders and investors. Even when there is no obligation of disclosure under timely disclosure requirements, our policy is to actively disclose any information that is thought to have an impact on investment decisions by investors.

Quiet Period

To prevent financial information from being leaked and ensure fairness, IKK Group maintains a quiet period from the final day of each quarter to the time when results for that quarter are published. During this period we refrain from releasing comments or responding to inquiries regarding our financial information for that quarter. In the event that results are expected to diverge significantly from previously published performance forecasts, we will release such information as appropriate in accordance with timely disclosure requirements.

About Future Projections

Current IKK Group plans, projections, strategies, etc. that are published on our IR website are future projections based on certain assumptions that reflect judgments made on the basis of currently available information. Consequently, it should be understood that these projections carry an element of risk and uncertainty and may differ from current projections as a result of changes in the business environment, etc.

Purpose of Investor Information on the IR Website

IKKHD’s IR website is intended for shareholders and investors to better understand our company’s management policies, planning, financial condition, etc. It is not meant to solicit investment or the sale or purchase of IKK Group stock. We request that users of the site exercise their own judgment in making any investment decisions. Additionally, please consult “Warnings to Users.”