In the wedding industry, the number of weddings and receptions is gradually increasing due to the resumption of various events attended by many people as social and economic activity returns to normal.

 IKK Holdings Inc. (“IKK”) and its group companies (the “IKK Group”) continued to hold weddings and receptions while making the safety of guests and employees the highest priority. All activities include every possible measure for protection against infections.

 Net sales in the first nine months increased 18.2% from one year earlier to 15,700 million yen. Operating profit decreased 4.8% to 984 million yen, ordinary profit decreased 20.6% to 1,017 million yen, and profit attributable to owners of parent decreased 24.4% to 634 million yen.


  A fundamental management objective at IKK is for our corporation to become indispensable to local communities through the contributions we make to society with our style of corporate management based on our management philosophy, “To touch our customers' hearts!” We are also aware that strengthening the growth potential and excellence of our company while increasing corporate value and longevity are among the challenges we face as management.

  At IKK, we take seriously our mission and responsibility as a public institution of society and are determined to be a leading company in the wedding industry as we continue to share and test our corporate philosophy. Toward that end, we ask our shareholders and investors for their continued guidance and encouragement.


Sept. 11, 2023