The IKK group's mission as a corporate group is to “For the smiles and happiness of the people connected to you”


-Sincerity, trust, and reliance


-We will do our best immediately in a sincere spirit of collaboration


-We will be the talented personnel regardless of its nationaly, religion, gender, age or experience and will challenge to create the wonderful future


this is an expression of our earnest management that places sincerity, trust, and reliance at the foundation of corporate management, pursues happiness and moving experiences for customers, and fosters human assets for the smiles and happiness of the people connected to you. The IKK group's basic management policy is to conduct business based on our management philosophy as well as to contribute to society by providing our customers with moving experiences, and we also aim to be a company that creates emotional experiences. To achieve this, we believe it is essential to conduct fair and transparent management, continuously enhance our corporate value, fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR), and win the trust of all stakeholders in our company. With this perspective in mind, the basic policy of our corporate governance is to enhance management oversight and internal control functions, to ensure thorough compliance management, and to strive for the improvement of our corporate value. With this basic policy as a foundation, we will continue to enhance corporate governance under the following systems.