List of securities company and research institution analysts who make recommendations or comment on IKK's business performance, etc.

Company names are listed in alphabetical order and honorific titles have been omitted

This list has been prepared using IKK’s objective standards based on information obtained by IKK at the time of publication. Therefore, be aware that there may be analysts who do not appear on this list. Additionally, IKK does not endorse or sponsor the listed analysts, and all of the information listed may not be current.


This list has been published with the intent to provide investors with information regarding analysts and associated institutions that analyze IKK's business performance and perform forecasts. This list does not solicit or recommend the sale or purchase of IKK’s shares.


Analysts utilize their independent judgement to analyze IKK’s business results, operations, products, as well as technologies, and forecast business results. IKK is not involved in any of these processes. Furthermore, IKK does not endorse or guarantee the forecasts, opinions, or recommendations of these analysts.


For actual investments, we ask that you make your investment decisions based on your own judgment and responsibility.